7 Countries That Celebrate Eid Fitr in The Most Festive Ways

One of the largest holidays in the Islamic calendar is Eid Al Fitr, which is observed immediately following the completion of Ramadan. If you are into cultural tourism, the Eid Al Fitr is also a perfect time for you to visit to see all the varieties of Eid celebration around the world.

Make sure to secure your hotels (فنادق) and fill your itineraries with things that you can see and do during your trip. Below, we have gathered 7 countries that celebrate the Eid Fitr in their own unique and festive ways.


Eid-ul-Fitr is observed in Egypt for three days, with all government and educational institutions declared to be closed. You’ll find yourself as a tourist in a land that is well-lit and festooned with lanterns. The celebratory atmosphere in the city is present in everything from people heading to the mosque in their festive new clothes to street performers and storytellers enthralling the audience, especially the children. People visit friends and family after prayers and during the royal feast to spend the evening together.

Eid specialities in Egypt are extremely “fishy,” where you can choose from a variety of fish dishes, in contrast to the usual meaty dishes. One of them is Samak Mashwi, a traditional Alexandrian meal in which the fish is perfectly marinated and cooked. Another delicacy that is highly recommended is Fatta, a traditional Egyptian favourite served on special occasions. It is a rice-and-meat soup with white vinegar and garlic flavouring.


Turkey declares a three-day holiday for all government agencies, academic institutions, and educational institutions in honor of this celebration. On the day of the celebration, men gather to the mosques early to participate in the special bayram prayer while dressed to the nines. Children typically wish everyone a “Happy Bayram” and receive chocolates, sweets, or pocket money in return.

Saudi Arabia

After the special Eid prayers, family and friends usually huddle with the kids, who get gifts for Eid, such as cash, brand-new clothing, and toys. Everyone then partakes in a traditional feast of specialties, including mugalgal, seasoned lamb chops served with tomatoes; jareesh; ground wheat mixed with meat and spices; and many sweet desserts. Given the numerous traditional pastries and meals associated with the celebration that contain honey and dates, Eid Al Fitr is usually referred to as Sweet Eid.

People dress to the nines on the first evening of Eid Al Fitr and venture out to watch fireworks and exchange “Eid Mubarak,” or “Happy Eid,” greetings with one another. During this festival, it is common to see women with henna designs on their hands and feet.

The majority of stores and venues will be closed for three days despite this initial hive of activity as people gather in their homes and stick to their social networks.


Eid is observed for three to four days in Tunisia, but there are only two recognized vacations. A few days prior to Eid, Tunisians began making preparations for the holiday. They place orders for specialty cookies that they may present to their guests as an Eid gift. There are also many varieties of Baklawa and Ka’ak included.

The women would typically stay in the kitchen to make preparations for the celebration while the males all go to the Mosque in the morning. Women prepare a lavish lunch that will be consumed at the parents’ home, bringing along gifts for children.

New Zealand

The traditional morning prayers and purification rituals mark the start of Eid al-Fitr celebrations in Auckland. After that, the biannual Eid Day, a fun-filled festival with activities for everyone, begins at Eden Park. The Eden Park festival offers a range of carnival games like mechanical bulls, human foosball, and a selection of food stands serving delightful treats from the local area.

While Eid Day is a wonderful opportunity for friends and family to come together to enjoy the occasion, it also serves as a significant opportunity for guests from all sorts of backgrounds to get to know and respect the Muslim community during this festive time.


Muslims in Iceland observe the dusk-to-dawn fast during Ramadan before to the holiday of Eid al-Fitr. The sun sets at midnight and rises again two hours later during the height of summer, staying in the sky for longer than usual. This means Muslims in Iceland are obligated to observe a 22-hour fast each day. While this may seem like a very difficult task, those who reside in the region of the midnight sun have also been given an alternative by Islamic scholars and authorities.

To honor this sacred and joyous event, visitors to mosques in Reykjavik arrive with an international smorgasbord of delectable dishes, including ethnic cuisines. People dress in their finest attire and exchange gifts with friends and relatives.

United Arab Emirates

To worship in the morning, a large crowd gathers in mosques and public areas. Kids receive their “Eidiya” from elders and head outside to enjoy the fireworks, trade fairs and treats.

To ensure that consumers get to experience the best of shopping and dining during this period, all the major malls and entertainment venues are open from early in the morning until almost 1 AM. Numerous events, such as face painting and performances by clowns and stilt walkers, are held in these malls. Typically, the renowned Dubai Mall sets up hospitality tents where onlookers may buy coffee and dates. Women may spend considerable time getting henna designs applied to their hands.

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