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7 Advanced Techniques to Boost Your Google Ads’ Performance and Drive More Sales

Google Ads are a great way to drive traffic to your website, but it can be tough to improve your performance with them. The more advanced you get, the more complex things get too. Here are seven advanced techniques that will help you boost your Google Ads performance and drive more sales from your website, whether you’re an experienced advertiser or just getting started with AdWords marketing. These tips are simple to use and can make a big difference in how well you do online.

  1. Use keywords related to what your rivals offer.

For the past two years, Google has restricted the usage of branded keywords within ad content. What this means is that there is far less of a possibility that your ads will show up in searches that are specifically directed at your rivals.

But, you can still use Google Ads to target keywords that are related to your competitors’ goods. Even though you can’t utilize a brand in your ad copy, there’s nothing stopping you from using a rival company’s name.

For example, if your company is directly competing with Y Company, you may want to consider advertising to clients who have had negative experiences with Y.Consider bidding on phrases like “how to cancel Y service” or “Y customer service” to increase your chances of being found by potential customers. You don’t have to mention Y by name in your ads, but you should make sure they’re enticing enough to get them to switch to your superior service.

2. Using the right Google ad agency

The people you reach while working with a Google Ads agency are very different from the people you reach when using other advertising methods. So, making sure you appeal to the right group of people is key.

People aren’t in the market to be marketed to when they’re using social media, for instance. They are not actively seeking answers to the problems that afflict their daily lives. The odds of being ignored increase when advertising is shown to someone who has made it clear they would rather not be bothered.

However, on the Google network, you won’t be bothering folks who expressly don’t want to be. People that are actively looking for your product or service, in this case, the best Google ad agency, will see your ad and quite possibly reach out to you.

3. Improving Quality Score Through the Development of an Effective Ad Campaign and Landing Page

When it comes to Google Ads, your Quality Score and the highest possible CPC bid are the two most important elements in determining where you’ll land. With the correct bidding strategy in place, you can set a maximum CPC bid for a term, which is the amount of money you’re prepared to pay for every click on an ad. You may improve the quality and relevancy of your ads by increasing your Quality Score on Google. If you should expect to pay less per click, the higher your quality score is.

The determinant of your quality rating.

  • A record of your click-through rate in the past
  • Arrange all phrases within one cluster by grouping them, and then create relevant ad copy for each group; this will improve the quality and relevance of your advertising and landing pages.
  • Your bid 
  • The quality and usefulness of the Google Ads extensions you’ve chosen to use (location, callout, sitelink, and organized snippets)

Exactly what role does quality play in the overall score?

  • With a higher quality score, you’ll pay less per click and get to the top of search results.
  • When comparing quality metrics 5 to quality score 9, the price per click is frequently double.
  • The quality score in marketing is greatly enhanced by using it.
  • People will see your advertisements and your CTR will increase since those phrases having higher quality ratings have a greater impression at the very top.
  1. Make use of dynamic search advertising.

Adding Dynamic Search Ads to your Google Ads program is another option to increase exposure for your business. In this kind of campaign, the ads are made for specific users based on how they use your website.

In order to create dynamic search ad headers and landing pages, information and media from your website are used. To the extent that a company’s advertising budget allows, this is a fantastic tactic, especially for those that have already invested much in building out their online presence and inventory.

While you may have numerous PPC ads running currently, Dynamic Search Ads can help businesses fill in the gaps where your keyword-based efforts are lacking.

5. Use remarketing strategies.

A successful ad campaign is measured by more than just the number of clicks it receives. It would be ideal if every customer who visited your website also bought something from you, but that’s just not realistic. In reality, only 2% of visitors who are qualified leads will actually become customers on their very first visit to your website.

Running remarketing campaigns in Google Ads is an effective strategy for bringing previously interested users back to your site. If you do this, you may specify the subset of your readership that visited your site in the past but did not convert into buyers because you can place a plugin on the page.

Your brand and items will become more recognizable to people as they are exposed to your advertisements more frequently. Better conversion rates are a natural consequence of this.

6. Step up your campaign automation.

Bid automation might seem scary at first, but it’s the best choice for businesses that want to grow quickly.

Automation tools use complex algorithms to constantly evaluate millions of pieces of information to fine-tune your advertising campaigns and make sure your bids are always in line with your objectives. Bid automation, automated adjusting of bids, and targeting are common features of automation programs.

Automating this process not only improves your odds of making a sale to a lead, but also ensures that you are spending as little money as possible to do so. The time you save by putting everything on autopilot is worth it alone.

7. You Must Choose the Appropriate Bid Strategy. 

It’s not always clear which of Google Ads’ many automated bidding strategies would be best for your campaigns.

In order to change your bidding strategy, go to your account and click on the campaigns tab, then on the settings tab, and lastly, on the bidding tab. In the pull-down selection that best suits your needs, If your campaign doesn’t support automated buying patterns, you can directly set bids for the kind of targeting, like keywords, and decide how much you’re willing to spend for each of these keywords with this bidding strategy. Manual Ads on Google that use cost-per-click models are much ahead of the game. With improved CPC and manual CPC, you can give Google a hand in determining your bids while still maintaining full control. If Google Ads thinks that an event is more likely to lead to a sale, it may raise your bids in the auction above what you have set as the max CPC.


We hope that this post has given you some great ideas on how to take your Google ads up a notch. Now it’s time to start optimizing so you’re getting the most out of your ad spend. With these seven advanced techniques, you’ll have a leg up on the competition and will be in good shape going into the holiday season. We recommend implementing all of these tips, so your business can start seeing more conversions! Good luck with getting the most out of your campaign!

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