7 Actionable Push Notification Techniques For E-commerce Business

The E-commerce business has experienced rapid growth within the past few years. It doesn’t matter which part of the world you belong to, you can sell your products or services easily in any part of the world. This is its biggest advantage.

Apart from this, you can use push notifications as a marketing technique to target your users effectively. A single WordPress Push Notification carries the ability to generate a sale.

Although push notifications are one of the best for business growth, some are still unable to get the desired results. If you are one of them, you must know, there is nothing wrong with the push notifications for the results you get, it is the technique that matters.

You might be wondering what is wrong with the technique or which technique to go with?

Well, here are 7 actionable Push Notification techniques for E-commerce businesses.

  1. Rich Media: This is the advantage of push notifications. You can add rich media to your WooCommerce Push Notifications to make them more effective. It doesn’t matter if you want to add images, videos, graphics, gifs, emojis, etc you can easily add them to make your notification more effective.

The thing is, in marketing, attention plays a crucial role. If you can attract the audience you can easily mold an opportunity to convert it into a sale. This is where you can use rich media. It creates an eye-catching effect, thus motivating the audience to open and see your notification.

And as you know, once the notification is opened you can easily bring the audience to your platform. It will help you to achieve your sales target easily.

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  1. Segmentation and Personalization: You are having the best product or service, you still can’t sell it to everyone. The thing is, every individual is unique and has their interests or likings.

So if you are reaching all of your users with your best-selling product or service, you can’t expect everyone to go for it even if you provide a special offer.

You might be wondering why?

Well, the answer is simple. You are having an audience of different ages, regions, gender, educational background, requirements, interests, and so on. Then how can a single product or service fulfill everyone’s need?

Isn’t it better to reach the audience with the products or services they particularly need or are interested in? It is, and you can easily do it using segmented and personalized push notifications.

  1. Reminders and Alerts: We are living in a busy world where people often forget things. Then it doesn’t matter whether it’s about abandoned carts, some limited-time deals, expiring coupons, lightning deals, upcoming sales, or so on. You can easily use push notifications to send a personal reminder. This will help you to establish a strong bond with your customers.

Apart from this, you can also send an alert regarding price drop, ending of the sale, or so on. This will make your user feel special. They will feel you care for them. This helps to establish a bond of trust. This will not only help you with more sales but will also help you in retaining your customers for a longer period.

  1. Enhance Brand Value: People love to use brands they trust. They feel proud of using such a brand. It is the value of the brand that attracts them. It is the name of the brand that motivates them to go for it. Haven’t you or your friends feel proud of wearing Nike, Reebok, Asics, Puma, UnderArmour, or other sportswear?

These are the names that don’t require an introduction. This is why people purchase them without giving a second thought.

But the question is, are these brands or names popular during their early days?

Probably not?

The same is the case with your brand. You have to enhance your brand value and you can easily do so using push notifications.

All you need to do is send push notifications containing brand history, vision, or other valuable information related to your brand.

  1. Geo-triggered push notifications: This is one of the best techniques when it comes to establishing roots in the local market. Push notifications are automated. This means you need not put in the extra effort.

So whenever a user physically moves near a specific geographic area in real-time (provided they have opted to share their current location) a push notification will be automatically triggered. This will not help you to engage with your users in a better way but will also help you with sales.

  1. Drip: Drip is one of the crucial tools to increase customer engagement. The thing is, once customers purchase from your site, it means they trust you. Now you are in a position to drive more sales.

You can easily do so by re-engaging them with targeted push notifications. You can start a drip push notification campaign exclusively for your valuable customers. You can reach them via push notifications about the product or service from a similar or complementary category.

This way you will be easily able to cross-sell products or services. As a result, you will get more sales.

  1. Feedback: Feedback is one of the best ways to build a solid relationship with your customers. You can use push notifications to collect valuable feedback from your customers. The thing is, sometimes it becomes difficult to understand what customers really want or what issue they are facing on your platform.

In this case, you can use push notifications to collect feedback. This will not only help you to get valuable information but will also let you know what your customers want from you and where you are lagging.


When it comes to the eCommerce business the competition is rising at an alarming rate. With each passing day, many businesses are going online. So you are required to boost your marketing. You have to adopt some actionable push notification techniques to stay ahead. Now what those techniques are, presented to you here in this guide. So the choice is yours.

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Wonderpush provides you with WordPress-WooCommerce push notifications. You can use them to target potential audiences from around the world to increase sales.

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