Moving is one of the stressful things you have to do at some point in life. It can take a toll even on savvy planners. However, moving doesn’t have to be disastrous, and planning can make it as smooth as possible.

Packing is one of the things that makes a move overwhelming, but there are ways to pack faster and smoothly. Check out these five hacks to make your packing quicker and smoother.

Cut back on clutter

The first step to making your packing go faster and smoother is to cut back on clutter as much as you can. Before you start packing, carry out a relentless purge of the unnecessary items in your house. After all, there is no need to move stuff that no longer serves you to your new apartment or home.

Start with your closet: if it is out of style or you haven’t worn it in years, get rid of it. Secondly, get rid of items you don’t use and wouldn’t buy again. You can donate all these items to charity or sell them.

Alternatively, if you have items you are not sure you need, you can store them in a short-term storage unit and evaluate them later. After decluttering, you have less to pack and less to move to start your new life on a clean slate.

Start packing early

Start packing in advance, even if you are unsure of the moving day or week. Start with the off-season items and stuff you don’t use daily. For instance, if you have scheduled your move in summer, start packing winter coats early and other once-in-a-while use things. That means many things will be ready to go when it is finally time to move.

Use the right size boxes.

Packing heavier items in large boxes is a common mistake many homeowners make because it makes it challenging for the moving company to carry and load the packages. In addition to making the job harder, the items are at risk of breaking. Therefore, use small boxes to pack heavier and fragile items and large boxes to pack light items like linens and pillows.

Take extra care when packing the kitchen by wrapping fragile items in bubble wrap before placing them in boxes. If you have a moving company, delegate some challenging tasks like packing electronics. if you need more Advice kindly visit here as noted by Door to Door Mover

Color code boxes

Avoid combining things from different rooms in the same box and color code boxes to make things easier when unloading and unpacking. For instance, you can use a different colored packing tape for every room for movers to quickly identify what goes where. Also, put heavier stuff in the bottom of boxes and light items on top to avoid breakage. Fill in gaps with clothing or packing paper to prevent things from shifting.

Have a moving essentials bag

Pack a small suitcase or duffle bag with essentials that you must use daily such as toiletries, medication, documents, chargers, and change clothes. They come in handy during the move and right after you have moved to the new place before you have enough time to unpack.

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