5 Pool Maintenance Ways to Try Right Now

The idea that you can have your pool is something to be proud of will remain incredibly appealing. It’s easy just to imagine hosting parties in your backyard, or even spending hours swimming after work. Or, you could forget about the important part of pool ownership: maintenance. You could see your pool go into disrepair if you do not have a routine for maintaining it. It’s not a good idea to leave a pool with rusty filters.

Your swimming pool will need a routine maintaining. These tips will make your summer season a success, regardless of your pool is brand new or has been around for years.

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1. Make Scrubbing and Skimming part of your Life

The task of skimming leaves and other debris from the water surface is an easy one, but it needs to be done. If you want a pool that is clean and sparkling, you should do it daily. It doesn’t mean that you have to scrub as often. It is possible to do scrubbing every other week. Keep your siding clean by simply looking for growths. Use a scrub brush to get rid of stubborn spots. Repurpose old socks. Then, fill the sock with chlorine. After a few hours, scrub it once again. The chlorine will destroy any algae and make socks with no pairs possible. It’s a win for everyone.

2. Think of the filter like your pool’s kidneys

Just like your kidneys continuously remove impurities in your body, your pool’s filters are also responsible for filtering out impurities. It is best to clean the filter basket once a week. The pipes used by your filter system should be cleaned out by backwashing. For this, set your filter on “backwash” and remove the leaf bag. Turn on your pump and leave it running until the waste pipe emits clear water. Your filter should be on a timer. It should be left running for at least six hours a day.

3. Consistent chemical levels are required for pools

Chemical levels are one of the most important aspects of pool maintenance. The most important aspect of pool maintenance is the chemical levels. Unbalanced water causes murky water, irritation to skin and eyes, and can lead your pool into a breeding place for bacteria. According to the Center for Disease Control, there are six chemical levels you should consider:

It is very easy to test the water. Buy a few testing kits from your local swimming pool store. Fill the container with water from your pool. The vials can be closed by adding the provided solution. After a few seconds, your sample water should turn a different color. It is possible to compare the color of the sample water with the colors on the testing kits to determine current chemical levels. You can adjust the levels to get the best balance.

4. Chemicals Costing Too Much? Give Baking Sugar a Try

The cost of pool chemicals is not something to be taken lightly. They’ll try to sell high-priced solutions to accomplish the same task, but regular baking soda costs a fraction of sodium bicarbonate. Look at the ingredients labels of all baking soda boxes. Check it out! Baking soda contains the same amount of sodium carbonate per pound that the solutions. Your water would then need the same amount.

5. Don’t Be Afraid Of Shocking a Cloudy Pool

Do not be afraid to use chemicals to shock your swimming pool. This is not something you should do for public pools. However, this is how your pool water will look after the big event. The chances are that it’s now murkier than it was before the party. This is what you should do about the murkiness. The reason for the murkiness? It involves diluting chlorine or another chemical sanitizer three to five to one with water. Once the water has filtered into the pool’s returns line, shock the pool twice a season.

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