5 Creative Prewriting Activities for Academic Writing

Do you want to learn how to make your writing more interesting to the reader? Do you want to write professionally and be paid for it, or do you just want to improve your writing skills? Or is it enough for you just to give a topic to a pro essay writing service and get it done for you? If you agree with the latest — skip the article. We have collected this list of tried-and-true writing tactics specifically for the purpose of assisting you in developing your writing abilities to a higher level. 

The reading of this literature has an effect on every facet of our existence. We are continuously exposed to it and obliged to write in it, whether we’re in a classroom, a workplace, or on social media. This is true wherever we go. Texts often form opinions about us and form perceptions of who we are. When it comes to creative writing, essays are quite hard to start with. However, there exist special pre-writing techniques, that can help beginner writers to approach academic writing. And that’s what we will be talking about today. 


Keeping silent about past traumatic experiences has been linked to both physical and mental health problems; as a result, maintaining a diary may be therapeutic for people of all genders and walks of life, regardless of their history. According to the opinions of several experts, this is especially beneficial for people of the masculine gender as well as those who struggle to keep their anger under control and comprehend their emotions. 

This is a terrific practice not just for your writing but also for your mental health if you do it often. 

Please provide further specifics on what transpired. What precisely came before it, what happened during it, and what happened after it, to be more specific? Please tell me about the main characters in the narrative. How did they respond, as well as what were their feelings and thoughts at that moment? In a nutshell, what actions did you take, what thoughts went through your head, and how did you react emotionally? So, after all, that you’ve been through, how are you feeling? What kind of an effect did he have on the people around him? Share your deepest, most personal thoughts and feelings with the person who is keeping your diary, especially in relation to this occurrence. Instead of trying to seem uninterested or detached, write from the depths of your heart. Acknowledge and give a name to each feeling. Make it a point to employ as many idiomatic expressions and literary terminology that are evocative as you possibly can.


To practice, freewriting, set aside 10–15 minutes at a time to write without interruption, revision, analysis, or haste. Those whose jobs need them to make frequent decisions or come up with new ideas would benefit from freewriting as much as those whose jobs involve working with texts. There were several pioneers in this field, but Dorothea Brand was among them. Writing for 30 minutes at full speed every day was one of the writing habits she advocated for in her 1930 book, Becoming a Writer. The author claims his/her creative process was kicked off by using this technique. Mark Levy published his book, Freewriting, in 2011. Tools of the modern age for generating original ideas. 

Separating freewriting from automatic writing is important. Whereas freewriting requires focus and participation, this process is the consequence of unconscious action. To rephrase, this is a kind of individual brainstorming that excludes vetting and editing. There are two possible approaches. The former entails recording any ideas that occur to one, whereas the latter entails thinking about a problem from the perspective of a narrowly defined area of knowledge to arrive at novel answers.


This is a methodical approach to problem-solving that is often used in essay writing services. It emphasizes collaborative effort to generate as many viable solutions as possible in a condensed amount of time. 

Also, even the most irrational, wonderful, or foolish thoughts are valid. After such group efforts are complete, the most viable alternatives are chosen for implementation. 

There are two distinct approaches to using the brainstorming technique in essay writing help: regulated and uncontrolled. The second is often used when all other avenues of thought have been explored and an immediate need arises for a completely original and out-of-the-box solution. 

In a brainstorming session, you record all of the ideas that come to mind for your paper, article, or other writing assignments. After selecting a potential topic from your first list, you may generate a second set of ideas that expand upon your chosen creative essay subject. 

If you like engaging in a brief, creative tasks that don’t call for the production of whole phrases, then brainstorming is the perfect pastime for you. Despite its methodical nature, this endeavor does not confine the thinking process. You won’t walk away from this exercise with an organized plan for your essay, but you might use it as a jumping-off point before developing a more formal plan.


Composing a list of relevant words, phrases, pictures, and ideas is a common prewriting or discovery method. List items might be in any order or none at all. If you’re having trouble getting started with your creative essay, try making a list. 

Once you have a topic in mind, brainstorming it by making a list is a great way to generate writing ideas. If you want to state your position on a topic, you may make a list of the top 10 arguments in support of your stance. Alternately, after you’ve narrowed down your issue, you might make a list of its many facets.


The act of providing an explanation of a text in written form is known as exposition. It is condensed, to the point, and carefully chosen, very similar to the spoken form. In school, students studied the most difficult form of presentation writing (a thorough one) in the primary grades and beyond. Then, in the seventh and eighth grades, students studied the most difficult form of presentation writing (a brief one), which followed the study of the most difficult form of presentation writing (a thorough one). 

Essay writing help is often built on this technique. If you want to create an appropriate summary, you need to study the material very carefully and understand not just the apparent information but also the subtle inferences and the general point that the author is trying to make. Due to this reason, the first stage in the process of preparing for the presentation needs to be attentively reading the content. If you are unable to read, you won’t be able to comprehend the material, and if you can’t comprehend it, you won’t be able to convey the information clearly. 

You may have a better understanding of and ability to retain the information included in the text if you highlight key terms in each paragraph (and it is also beneficial to enhance memory). If the appropriate keywords are emphasized, the creation of the topic may not be too difficult. 

It is possible to construct a map of the text by first cataloging the book’s microthemes in chronological sequence. Both the framework and the keywords may be used as presentational aids or reading tactics, depending on the context. It’s a scenario in which everyone wins!

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