5 Best Play Rummy Strategies To Win & Get Bonus Coupons

Rummy can be a delightful experience if you know how to play it. Online Rummy gives you a way to interact with players across the country. Also, if you are a Rummy lover, playing the online version of this game can improve your skills in dealing with the cards. Most online Rummy platforms nowadays offer exciting prizes and coupons for winning the game. So, if you know how to play Rummy, you can register yourself on any of such online gaming platforms. You can even develop new Rummy skills, once you start playing the game online. Online Rummy can be beneficial for both new and pro players. Online gaming apps and websites like GetMega provide practice matches where you can develop your Rummy skills. Like most games, in Rummy also you have to focus on beating your competitors. And for that, you need the right strategies. In this article, we have curated the 5 best rummy strategies that you can use to win a complex game. 

Focus is the key

Like most card games, Rummy is also based on skills. The objective of this game is to test your memory and skills. If you don’t pay attention to your competitor’s moves, you will discard the cards that will help them make a declaration. One mistake and you will lose a winning match. Stay focused when your competitor draws or discards cards. This can help you figure out their arriving moves. If you are a person who can’t hide your emotions, playing at the Rummy table might not be the best option for you. Instead, join an online Rummy platform and watch every move of your opponent closely. 

Make pure sequence 

A pure sequence is when you have more than three cards of a similar unit. A rummy player must have a pure run or sequence to make a justified declaration. Jokers are not included in a pure sequence. If players fail to create pure sequences they will have a fine of 80 points. To avoid the penalty, it is thus advisable to make a pure sequence initially. 

Bluffing is the mantra

When you play Rummy, remember to bluff. This strategy will catch your opponents off guard and it will help you win. Your rivals will make mistakes once you bluff them and then you can capitalise on their errors. But make sure you bluff at the right times. For instance, if you have three, four, and six of clubs and you see your opponent pick a five of clubs, then discard the six of clubs. Your competitor might think that you don’t need a 5 of clubs and will toss it. Bluffing is a masterstroke in Rummy. And since you will be playing against pro gamers, you need to master this art of bluffing in Rummy. 

Discard cards that are of high value

High-valued cards carry ten points. These cards include Jacks, Aces, Kings, Queens, and 10s. If you don’t have such cards to form a set or sequence, it is recommended to get rid of high-value cards as soon as possible. A player who makes the call first wins that round of Rummy. And the points of the remaining players are determined by the cards they have in hand. If you are left with a high-value card, then your score would be greater. This would decrease your chance of winning the tournament. But before you discard high-value cards, make use of all the legit combinations possible to reduce the points. 

Try to devise new techniques 

You can win many online games with some set techniques. But when you play more and more, you will come across experienced players who go beyond the basic guidelines of the Rummy game. It is in these times that you need to formulate new strategies to beat the experienced players. Once you are accustomed to the basic rules of Rummy, you can try creating new strategies and apply them to win against pro-Rummy players. Know which strategies would work and use them in your game on the go. This way you can win tournaments one after another and win bonus coupons. In this process, you might lose a few games as well. But this will allow you to analyse what tactics work and what don’t work. 

Rummy is a skilled-based card game that needs constant learning. You can learn a new tactic from every game and use it in your next game. So, if you have never played Rummy before, now is your chance. Download the hottest gaming platform (GetMega) in India and play Rummy. This gaming platform offers the basic rules of Rummy that make it easy for beginners to play the game. Moreover, GetMega provides exciting real cash prizes in every tournament that you can get if you win them. In terms of players’ security, the platform allows only 100% verified profiles and immediately deletes an account if he/she indulges in any malpractice.

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