3 types of beautiful bob wigs for this fancy summer


Just like wearing different clothes in different seasons, different wigs also have their suitable seasons. Generally speaking, thick and gorgeous body wave style hair wig is suitable for cold winter. Short, voluminous curls are perfect for hot summer days. Now, the beautiful summer is quietly approaching, are you ready for summer wigs? If you haven’t thought about it yet, don’t worry.

This article will introduce several kinds of wigs suitable for use in summer, I hope to help you.
Human hair bob wig

What kind of wig is suitable for summer? First, I think it should be short. A short wig will make you feel cool in the hot summer. Of course, I’m not saying that long wigs are not suitable for summer. I mean, short human hair wigs will give you a richer, better summer feel, and it will make you feel more comfortable.

Based on this philosophy, I thought that a short size human hair bob wig would be a great option! There are different types of short sized bob shaped wigs depending on the structure of the wig. I will introduce you one by one.

Human hair headband bob wigs

Headband bob wig is a type of glueless wigs. That said, the headband bob wigs don’t actually need glue to complete the installation. This is very convenient for most people. When you have the headband bob wig, you can install the wig in almost twenty seconds. Therefore, headband bob wigs are the best choice in terms of convenience.

On the other hand, headband bob wigs are also great for sports. The headband in the Headband bob wig is not just a decoration that gives you more style, it is also very elastic. That said, it will keep your wig stable during vigorous exercise. This is why headband wigs are often referred to as playground wigs.

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Human hair bob wig with bangs

The bangs bob wig is also a member of the glueless wigs. Both bangs bob wigs and headband bob wigs are sewn from basic hair caps and human hair bundles. Unlike headband bob wigs, it doesn’t have a headband. However, the great thing about bangs bob wig is that it has a nice natural bangs. If you need bangs to make your face look more delicate and lovely, then bangs bob wigs may be the best choice for you.

Human hair lace bob wig

If you need a natural hairline, look no further, the lace bob wig is the darling you should have. When you wear a lace bob wig, the lace blends into your scalp naturally. On basic social distancing, this works flawlessly. In other words, if you’re not close enough to kiss you, no one will notice you’re wearing a wig. People will simply marvel at your natural and beautiful bob style hair.

Why “human hair” is important to you?

You may have noticed that all the bob wigs I mentioned emphasize “human hair”. Some of you may wonder why you have to buy wigs made of human hair? Can’t synthetic wigs be used in summer?

My answer is: Although synthetic wigs can be used in summer, you should buy human hair wigs if possible. Here are the reasons:

Human hair wigs usually have a longer lifespan.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that every store that sells human hair wigs will stress you about how long the product will last. In general, human hair wigs have a lifespan of six months to two years. How long it can last depends on the quality of the hair used in the human hair wig itself and whether the user maintains it in a reasonable way.

However, you’ll never see information about the product’s longevity in a store that sells synthetic wigs. This is because synthetic wigs are inherently more susceptible to static electricity, which can destroy the original shape.

Human hair wig can be restyled and dyed

The scales of human hair can open and close. By treating human hair with hair dye, the cuticles can be opened or closed, thereby pulling out the black pigment in the hair and changing the color. This is how human hair is dyed. In addition, the cuticles are tough, bend at high temperatures, and reshape when cooled. This is how human hair can be styled with a curling iron. With the purchase of human hair wigs, you can change it however you want to make it the color or shape you want.

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