3 Tips For Keeping Your Nintendo Switch Clean

Handheld games consoles have arguably the hardest lives of all gaming systems. Being so easily portable gives us new opportunities to game in our work breaks. Train or taxi journeys are brought to life with portable gaming consoles, or even, just relaxing at home.

All that use and travelling while moving your console from pocket to your hand can lead to contamination. The dust from our pockets and sweat from our hands leave a sticky mess after time. Nintendo UK advocates keeping your Nintendo Switch clean and disinfected.

Here are 3 tips on how to prevent your Nintendo switch from getting overly dirty, and how to clean it when it does.

Be Safe

As with all electronic equipment, safety is important, so make sure you turn your Nintendo switch off and disconnect it from its charger. Also, make sure any accessories are also unplugged and disconnected.

Nintendo UK recommends a damp, well wrung out, cloth for cleaning. Make sure the cloth you choose is suitable, soft and lint-free. Having a specific cloth for the purpose and keeping it in a sealed Ziploc bag will help make sure no grit or dirt is going to scratch the screen of your Nintendo switch. Microfiber cloths are easily found, low in cost and ideal for this purpose. Don’t scrub your device – take your time and be gentle.

The plastics used to make modern games consoles are robust but can scratch if handled roughly. So being gentle will pay off. Choose a suitable location to clean your Nintendo switch. Standing on the pavement isn’t a suitable location. If you drop your Nintendo switch whilst cleaning it, you don’t want it falling onto a hard surface. Cleaning it whilst sitting may be best, so if you drop it, it will only land in your lap

Storing It Correctly

When you are not using your Nintendo switch, storing it in a drawer or cupboard is much better than leaving it on a surface in your home where dust can fall on it according to a recent research from Betway casino

Keeping it in a case will not only help with keeping it clean but will give it some protection against physical damage. Cases are available in countless designs and styles. You are sure to find one you like. Hard cases offer the most protection, at the expense of some ease of use.

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Wash Your Hands

Washing your hands often will help immensely in keeping your Nintendo switch clean. As an all-in-one portable system, our fingers are all over it, so sweat and grime is inevitable. But keeping our hands clean minimises the dirt that can build up.

We know through recent research studies that games consoles can have more bacteria on them than other parts of our home, so making sure we try to keep them clean is definitely recommended. In today’s climate, disinfecting electronic equipment is becoming commonplace. Some precautions need to be taken. Nintendo UK recommends using a consumer-grade of disinfecting solution, lightly applied using a clean, soft cloth.

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