2017 Honda Civic Air Filter Buying Guide

Help your engine breathe easily with a replacement air filter for your 2017 Honda Civic. An air filter prevents dirt and debris from entering your engine and damaging components. When your filter is clogged, ripped or too old, order a new one from a reliable automotive store.

Type of Air Filters Needed

Engine air filters come in a number of sizes and materials. You need to choose the specific size of 2017 Honda Civic air filter. Otherwise, it won’t fit and may allow unfiltered air and debris into your combustion system.

A local auto parts store or online store can assist you with shopping for the right air filter dimensions. Once you find the right dimensions, compare these three types of filter materials:

  • Paper
  • Gauze
  • Foam

Paper filters are the most affordable. They still remove large debris and plenty of dust, but they’re the least efficient and long lasting. You can’t clean a paper filter, so you’ll need to replace yours if it’s clogged or torn.

Gauze filters are reusable and offer middle-of-the-road performance. Choose an oil gauze filter to enjoy up to 5,000 miles of maintenance-free performance. A synthetic dry gauze filter needs to be cleaned more often, but doesn’t need to be oiled during the maintenance process.

Foam is usually reserved for small engines and secondary filters. A cabin air filter may be made of foam, but your engine filter is unlikely to be purely foam. Consider adding an aftermarket foam barrier around participating filters for a second layer of protection.

How To Replace Your Air Filter

While your local mechanic may be able to replace your filter, this is a very simple DIY project that you can take on with little or no tools. All you need is a Honda Civic air filter and a screwdriver or socket in case you struggle with removing the air box lid.

Start by parking your Civic on flat ground and waiting for the engine compartment to completely cool. Find the air filter box. This unit is large and easy to identify, but you can use your service manual or other diagram to find the exact location.

Carefully remove the housing. The latches can typically be removed with your bare hands, but a wrench or screwdriver may be necessary for safe removal.

Pull the old filter out and inspect it. If there are any rips, tears or excessive dirt, it’s time to clean or replace it. Most manufacturers recommend replacement between 1,500 and 45,000 miles, depending on your driving conditions.

Safely dispose of the old filter. Don’t attempt to force a filter into place. If you shopped at a reliable auto parts store, then you’ll have the identical size of replacement air filter. Be sure the housing is firmly reconnected before closing the hood and starting your vehicle.

How To Find Affordable Air Filters

Keep your Civic driving efficiently with a routinely maintained air filtration system. Replace either a gauze or paper filter following a maintenance schedule. Save money by ordering a name-brand filter from a reputable online auto parts store.

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