11 Breitling Watches That You Should Invest In

Life circles in every tick of the clock. In just a split second, some things change faster than we could think. Every minute counts, they say. The world spins in an hour but marks a historic change. In every routine of life, we keep tracking the time. It has been part of our daily tasks; to follow the hands of time. It is our basis for making things done, just at the right time.

We should think of the quality of time and the watch. There are just a bunch of watches flooding the market. Speaking of which, one of the world’s finest brands is Breitling. Any professional can Here are the best choices Breitling can best offer in 2021.

1. Navitimer

It is 41mm in size, with a stainless steel case. It was first introduced in 1952 and is considered the most famous of all the models. Its name was derived from the word “navigation,” which is why pilots make it their perfect choice. This watch that is so iconic for pilots in their aviation makes an accurate determination of fuel consumption, as well as the speed of the climb and descent calculations. The onboard computer on it helps its accuracy. Able to last for 70 hours because of its amazing caliber features. Amazingly could last even for 12 hours. Just perfect for aviation because of the maximum power reservations, truly an iconic watch.

2. Chronomat

Introduced first before the Navitimer, this was best to become the model. The Venus 175 caliber made its first version with an interesting feature because it has a manual wound and 17 jewels. This watch is a bestseller for customers. You can choose their stainless steel watch or the one with an 18k rose gold version, which makes it even more elegantly perfect.

This model has maintained its reputation as a men’s watch among the modern Chronomats. It has a timekeeper’s feature of 1/4 that of a second chronograph and 30-minute and 12-hour totalizers. However, the movement of it in timekeeping has been self-winding and improved.

3. Avenger

This can be considered as the newest among the brand collections. Although it was first released in 2001, it contemplates a more modern design. More competitive in the market for customer’s choice because of its unparalleled durability, legibility features. You can differentiate from the other brands because of its high-quality features. It has a bulkier bezel which gives it more of an industrial look. People who are after adventures and thrill-seekers will find this version best for exploration.

4. Colt

First released in 1980 and marketed as a military watch. Customers consider this a least popular watch, maybe because it is cheaper. But it does not mean its durability and quality are compromised. The high water resistance makes it even competitive among highly-priced brands. Also, it has a tracker feature for 1/4th of a second,30 minutes, and 12 hours. Cheaper in price, but elegant in its features.

5. SuperOcean

Made popular in 1950, this model explored the oceans, unlike the other models made perfect for the skies. It has a high resistance water rating of 200m or at about 650 Feet. Aside from being first in the water, watch enthusiasts find it attractive because of its Arabic numeral marker design. It is also popular because of its oversized hands, which makes the dial system more legible. Customers can also choose colors fit for any gender.

6. Superocean Heritage

This is an upgraded SuperOcean version, making most of the popularity. It has modern internals with cutting–edge technology which keeps the timeless maintenance of its aesthetic design. Inside of it comes a self-winding 10 or 20 caliber. Both have a frequency of 28.800 vph, enough for at least 42 hours of power reservation and chronometer-certified movements. It comes in various aesthetic looks in black and white combination, rainbow-colored scheme. Customers choose it for its best to offer.

7. TransOcean

This is built for typical globetrotters. The elegant design makes it classy, which gives entrepreneurs more appropriate for travels abroad. Its “super-sealed” case makes it more impressive. Being resistant to shocks, magnets, and water pressures are other features that make it amazingly attractive. Other functions like the chronograph, world timer, and data complication are elegant features to make it an all-in-one watch.

8. Bentley

Bentley is a collaboration with the automotive manufacturer started in 2002. The 6.75 is one of the most common brands made for men. It also comes in stainless steel versions. There is also an option for a diamond-studded version, making this model available for any living status. Customers can choose from round- or elegant-rectangular shapes. Stainless steel case goes with a leather strap, much cheaper ones than the rose-gold studded version. For those who choose a complicated wristwatch, various price tags are available.

9. Professional

Best designed to offer state-of-the-art technology for customer’s precision timekeeping. The Professional line is further divided into pilots and athletes to best equipped them with their lifestyles. The Chronospace for pilots has an enormous size of 46mm, with a large crown and notch bezel for easy adjustments to gloved hands.

The Endurance Pro for athletes is more light-weighted to make athletes more comfortable for long hours of use. Despite having its jam-packed features, it is considered the cheapest among Breitling models.

10. Galactic

This is a versatile watch for men and women. Perfect to be used, whether in sports or sophistication. A much simpler model that tells only the time and date. This watch has a basic layout. But customers can choose the size, dial color, and bracelet. For people with slim wrists, the Galactic 32 is a choice in its 32mm case size.

This watch is one of the cheapest collections that contains the famed SuperQuartz movement. This feature goes for the stainless steel and diamond-studded version. It may be simple and elegant, but its vibrant blue dial makes it also attractive, although it has some date complications.

11. Aviator 8

It is in honor of history that this model celebrates its brand-ties with the military. The vintage design makes it timeless, and can even be worn with semi-formal outfits because it comes with a leather strap.

It has Arabic numeral hour markers on the three sub-dials. Despite being like the Naviimer, it is much simpler in design. Named after an aviation manufacturer, Curtis-Wright has an army green dial with red accents. At the back is a picture of a P-40 Warhawk, definitely made perfect for aviators. This timepiece also comes in the black-and-blue color scheme GMT edition.

In Conclusion

It is hard to calculate every moment and memory. Many products compete in the market, but we should be wiser to find what equips the best for our needs and lifestyle. With that, Breitling is the perfect choice for quality, endurance, durability, and not just a “time-telling” tool, but built as part of history. Make sure to check out WatchShopping for more information!

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