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10 Chair Types That Are A Must-Have For Your Home Decor!

You unwind here after a long day at work; you can eat dinner with your family or friends; you may rock your child to sleep at night; this place has it all. Perhaps it’s just a final touch to your living room’s overall decor. A chair is never merely a chair, regardless of the reason for its existence. It has to do with structure. It accomplishes a certain objective. 

It is a requirement around the house that has to be addressed. Without providing more than just a place to sit, it’s doubtful that chairs would be the subject of books, awards, or academic inquiry in the first place.

With so many options to choose from, it’s critical to do your research before spending your hard-earned money on a new piece of furniture. The most effective method to approach your search is to understand what you want before exploring clearly. The following are ten distinct types of chairs that you should be familiar with. Buy chairs, tables, and more furniture at made.com 


You may take your home design to the next level with the help of the following selections of 12 different types of chairs:

  • Recliner Chairs 

As far as comfort goes, it’s hard to beat. Recliners are a common choice for lounge room chairs. The purpose of these seats is to allow you to unwind. Upholstered or leathered, these seats are commonly seen at furniture stores. 

The most recent models of recliners are powered by electricity and include features such as massaging elements and cup holders. Recliners may create a vintage look in a room if they are matched with the proper furnishings.

  • The Bar Stool 

There is nothing like a bar stool or even a kitchen stool to jazz up your eating area. Say your kitchen has a countertop space for dining and wine; they are an essential item. To give you an eating space with a more up-to-date, modern, and attractive appearance, you must consider placing stools at the kitchen counter. 

Your room can benefit from the addition of comfortable Plastic stools with an eye-catching design that is casual and contemporary.

  • Wing Chair 

Many contemporary designers have redesigned the classic wing chair and given it a more modern feel. Wingback chairs are defined by the side rails or “wings” on the backrest, which initially aimed to shield from draughts in a room or extreme heat from the fireplaces. 

Taking a snooze is made easier by using the wings as a pillow. A wing chair is ideal when you want to relax and read a book.

  • Tulip Chair 

Eero Saarinen, a Finnish-American architect and designer, despised the image of a room full of table and chair legs, describing it as “an unsightly, perplexing, rapidly changing environment.” A central platform supports a sculptured seat suggestive of the Tulip’s eponymous flower, which Saarinen designed to reduce the number of legs required. 

There has been a Knoll production of the chair since 1957, created by Saarinen’s acquaintance Florence Knoll and her husband, Hans Knoll.

  • Ming Chair 

From 1368 to 1644, China’s Ming dynasty dominated the country; hence there are various Ming furniture types. Furniture with beautiful carvings on it was still being produced locally, though. Ming-era furniture innovations like curved backs and folding chairs would influence future furniture design.

  • Lounge Chair 

The classic lounge chair and ottoman were the Eameses’ perspective on luxury, even if they are best recognized for their mass-produced furniture designs. They sought to make a chair that appeared to have been used by a first baseman. Since its first release in 1956 in wood and black leather, Herman Miller’s chair has gone through several iterations and can now be seen in homes worldwide.

  • Cesca Chair 

Marcel Breuer, a Hungarian-born American designer, created the first tubular steel chair in 1925, which he patented. When he designed the Cesca years later (via Knoll), it combined the old cane seat with the new swiveling backrest and the cantilevered steel base. There is just enough movement in this chair’s S-shaped frame without losing solidity. The Museum of Modern Art has this chair.

  • Klimos Chairs 

Klismos chairs have an enduring appeal largely due to the elegant curves of the chair’s back and arms. Since the Greeks initially employed them in Greece, their shape has changed significantly. Klismos chairs are available in a range of materials and coatings for use in contemporary advanced interiors, exteriors, and commercial settings.

  • Slipper Chair 

When it comes to chairs, slipper chairs are the most common. They are low-slung cushioned chairs with short legs and no armrest. This feature distinguishes it from the competition, aside from its modest height, which makes it a popular choice for many. Since they were originally meant for use in women’s bedrooms to sit and help with dressing, slipper chairs have become commonplace throughout the home.

  • Club Chairs 

Club chairs are a type of chair that has armrests and cushions. This chair is usually padded in leather and has a lower back and armrests on either side. Chairs of this type were prominent in gentlemen’s clubs throughout the United Kingdom throughout the eighteenth century. 

Like so many others, this traditional style has been updated and modernized. However, fabric-covered club chairs are becoming increasingly popular, even though leather is still the most commonly utilized material for their construction.


It’s no secret that chairs have long played a role in the process of furnishing a home, and they continue to do so today. Over thousands of years, only a select handful has managed to weather the test of time. These 50 chairs have been hailed as some of the most influential in design history. 

They range from antiques that had influenced contemporary interpretations to original designs that are still as popular now as they were first introduced. They represent a diverse spectrum of historical periods, design styles, and geographical origins, yet each is deserving of a place in the annals of design history. 

There will be some common forms you’ll recognize, as well as several new ones, which we are convinced you’ll learn. Has your search for the best chairs for your home décor quenched? 

If not, we recommend surfing the internet for a few online stores – one of them is  made.com; it provides you with the best-in-class furniture collection that can boost your home décor. 

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