10 Best Smartphones That You Can Own Under $300!

It can become difficult to catch up with the world with the ever-developing technology. Nowadays, almost everyone in any demographic has a smartphone. The features and specifications of the mobile phones have consistently seen an upgrade, no matter which brand they belong to. Some smartphones have generic features but cost less; some may have great features but cost a lot. Therefore, it is tough to find affordable smartphones that are good in quality of built and features alike. Buy Now on

That worry ends here! This guide will show you the ten best smartphones available under $300; they have specifications that will be highly ingenious for you and come in attractive bodies. You can go through their descriptions and understand which smartphone you like the best for yourself. 

Ten Best Smartphones that You should consider Buying under $300!

  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 128GB Gray WOM

This Android phone from Xiaomi is one of the most popular smartphones currently being used worldwide. Redmi Note series has seen an exponential rise in its fame globally in the past few years – because of the features and quality, it provides at great prices. This model from the series, Redmi Note 9, 128GB, proves one of the best android phones. 

Its features include a 13MP front camera for beautiful selfies and 48 MP primary cameras with an additional 8 MP + 2 MP. It also has +2MP for macro pictures and other camera features such as a shiny body that appears elegant, smooth edges that give a finished look, and IPS LCD screen for clear and vibrant pictures.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9 N960U 128GB 

Samsung has been trusted for a very long time and has adapted to the world’s needs every step of the way. With the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung does precisely that – adapt. It has a soft aesthetic with different attractive colors of lavender and pink, along with bold looks of black and gold; it comes with smooth edges for a stylish finish. Its features include:

  • Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro 128GB 6GB Ram – Color Black Housing

Another model under the infamous Xiaomi is the Poco series avails. This Poco X3 Pro is an excellent phone for people who you their phones excessively for work, video graphing, gaming, video streaming, etc. It features a fast charging battery, speakers of studio quality with enhanced performance, and an extensive night photography feature in-camera setting.

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 G960U 64GB Gray

The Galaxy S9 comes from a series of Samsung smartphones that excels in multiple specifications criteria. It comes in a sleek body and has a beautiful smooth AMOLED screen. The features of this phone include an Exynos 9810 processor with eight cores for fast performance, quick, wireless charging; different types of scans for unlocking; and a dual wide-angle camera. This product is waterproof.

  • Vivo Y11s 3GB RAM 32GB ROM

Vivo provides android phones with valuable features and comes at a highly affordable price. The Y11s model from Vivo has ingenious specifications such as a Dual rear camera of 13 MP + 2 MP with AI and 8 MP front cameras. The resolution is 1600 * 720 (HD +) and avails of excellent quality pictures. It possesses a long-lasting battery, and the screen filters out blue light to avoid strain on the eyes.

  • POCO X3 Pro US 128G Metal Bronze

This POCO phone, in the X3 Pro model, has a sturdy and protective built that allows you to use the phone without worry. The gorilla glass screen can sustain any falls without breakage. It has excellent storage speed and allows you to play endlessly on the phone without heating up. The battery lasts for a long time, and the speakers give you a surround sound experience. 

  • Oppo Reno 5 Lite 128 GB Black

The OPPO Reno 5 Lite gives your fluidity in terms of functionality; it is easy to use and is highly user-friendly. The 48 MP quad-camera captures any moment you wish to have beautifully and vibrantly. The videography can be done with the AI feature that it avails. This phone charges quickly and does not drain immediately.  

  • Motorola Moto G30 128GB ROM 4GB RAM Lilac Cream

Motorola Moto G30 is the model in a popular series of android phones which offers fast and high-quality performance with its Snapdragon processor. The camera exceeds the generic camera quality with its 64 MP primary camera, + 8 MP – and comes with a 28 MP additional camera for beautiful macro pictures. There is a front flash in-camera and a great megapixel of 28 MP.

  • Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 128gb / 6gb Ram – Color Black + Housing

Xiaomi is a company that produces several other sub-brands that are exceptional in terms of performance and features. This Mi 11 Lite from Xiaomi has a Dot Display, alone with AMOLED FHD screen with high-quality functionality and vibrant pictures. There is a 64 MP rear camera for clicking clear photos. The processor of this phone allows robust use without exhausting the functions it provides. 

  • Samsung Galaxy S10e 6 + 128GB G970U Single Sim Black

This model from Samsung is simple yet highly functional. The Galaxy S10e comes with varying features that will make working on a smartphone easier for you. It has a super AMOLED screen with smooth edges that give vibrant colors and unmistakable quality. It has several sensors, including the Air Pressure sensor and a side mount fingerprint scanner.


The smartphones in this list are more or less in chronological order of availing the best features at an affordable price. Choosing which one fits your needs best will undoubtedly depend on which features you require the most from your smartphone, as it is a device that is used almost at all times. For fast performance and a good gaming experience, Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 128GB proves excellent. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 N960U would be one of the best phones to choose from for most work-related tasks. Buy Now on

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